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We are committed to providing an exceptional culinary experience for you and your guests. Our service duration for all packages usually ranges from 2 hours to 3 hours of gourmet hot dog indulgence.

To ensure that your gathering starts smoothly, we require a setup time of 30 to 60 minutes prior to service, and a similar timeframe for dismantling.

Hudson Yards Packages

For our Hudson Yards Package, we allocate additional time for setup to perfect the ambiance and details that define a premium experience.

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Hudson Yards & TriBeCa Packages

Our hot dog carts are designed for optimal efficiency and autonomy, perfect for delivering a premium culinary experience within a compact 3 square meter space. This self-contained design allows for flexible placement in any gathering setting, from crowded festivals to private parties.

No need for external power sources or additional setup facilities—our carts operate independently to provide a hassle-free, turnkey solution for your catering needs. With HotMyDog, you get more than just exceptional food; you get an effortless catering experience that leaves a lasting impression without complicating the logistics of your event planning.

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Hudson Yards

Elevate your gathering with our Hudson Yards Package, designed for those seeking an elegant ambience. With two fully-staffed hot dog carts and custom branding opportunities, this package delivers a memorable high-end social dining experience.
(starts @ 2500€)

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Our TriBeCa package provides a convivial and friendly dining atmosphere, complete with artisanal fare and a fully-staffed gourmet hot dog cart. Perfect for enhancing medium-sized gatherings, this package is sure to create memorable moments for your guests.
(starts @ 1000€)

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Capture the essence of Nolita's casual and trendy scene. Our Nolita Package offers a stylish 'bain-marie' service, ensuring a seamless, warm culinary experience. It's perfect for intimate gatherings where quality and comfort are desired without the formality.
(starts @ 700€)

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Chelsea Piers
Kids' Package

Transform your home into a hot dog wonderland with our Chelsea Piers Kids' Package! We bring the party to your kitchen, serving up kid-friendly hot dogs. Our team adapts to your space, and Kids can get 'craaazyyy' with our toppings amidst laughter and joy.
(starts @ 400€)

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Hudson Yards & TriBeCa Packages

Our commitment to providing seamless service includes specific logistical requirements. In urban locations served by our cart, we require a minimum corridor width of 1 meter to ensure unimpeded access to the service area; the absence of stairs is also required as each cart has a weight of roughly 200kg.

For events on higher floors, it is imperative that a service elevator of 2 meters x 2 meters minimum is available to transport our equipment efficiently. These measures are vital to uphold the high standards of service and quality that our customers expect.

For events taking place on public streets, it is imperative that all necessary authorizations are secured by the event organizer in advance. This is to ensure compliance with local regulations and to facilitate a smooth operation without any legal impediments.

All Packages

Depending on the location of your event within Brussels or across Belgium, a nominal logistics fee may be applicable. This will cover transportation and operational costs and will be clearly communicated during the booking process—no surprises, just great food and service.

Looking to bring the HotMyDog experience further afield?
We're delighted to serve beyond our borders and can cater to your gatherings in major cities such as Paris or Amsterdam and in between.
While we're excited to bring our gourmet hot dogs to your location, please note that the logistics fee will be adjusted to accommodate the additional travel requirements. We will provide a detailed and transparent cost breakdown to ensure you're fully informed.